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Likewise, the return to 2D fighting and a substantially tweaked control system have made the game more accessible for newcomers, seriously fast, and lots of fun. Plus, no other fighting game lets you knee your opponents in the groin and proceed to tear their bodies in half. And really, isn't that what Mortal Kombat is all about? And so you move through each environment, poking around to see what tools the level might offer for the quietest kill--or the most dramatic, or even the sloppiest. There is great satisfaction in coming across a sniper rifle and landing a sequence of headshots from a window above a crowd, particularly given how you can steady your aim by gently squeezing the trigger before fully depressing it and firing your shot. You might clear out the majority of the level this way, but as you slink toward your destination, you notice all these baubles that you missed, all those lost chances to distract guards by triggering car alarms, all those disguises you never wore. Those lost opportunities, the chances to improve your score by treading even more carefully, and the game's built-in sub-challenges (wear every possible disguise; don't wear any disguise) inspire multiple replays. Once you look past its main hook, Rush Bros. isn't unique or interesting enough to remain entertaining for long. It features over 40 stages that are simple platforming arenas without much more to offer than colorful obstacles. You are placed in a course, and you must then quickly negotiate those hazards to reach the finish line. Mostly, that means running, jumping, climbing, and sliding along a fairly standard series of ledges while avoiding a few spike pits. You often also need to find color-coded keys to unlock various doors, and sometimes you have to push balls around or mash a button on computer consoles you find. Later courses include a few additional hazards and more-complex layouts, but there aren't a lot of distinct hazards to keep things fresh. Once you know where everything is located, you're left with little challenge beyond the pursuit of a better time. If the title Strike Suit Infinity sounds familiar, you might be confusing it with Strike Suit Zero, the space-mech combat game that was released back in January. Its fast-paced battles were beautifully rendered, and a bit unbalanced at times, but Zero offered just the right mix of arcade-inspired action and intergalactic vistas to keep things interesting through to the end. Sadly, for a $20 game, there simply wasn’t enough variety in the action or mission structure. For Infinity, developer Born Ready Games stripped the Strike Suit experience down to its core mechanics, offering a stand-alone horde mode for $7. It’s a smart move; the most redeeming quality of Zero was its gameplay, after all. While it’s good to see a game embrace its strengths so wholeheartedly, there are a myriad of smaller issues that hold Infinity back from greatness, despite its improved value. There is a tendency for the gameplay to become monotonous, especially when you're playing alone. Press the right mouse button, aim at zombie head, shoot, and then do it again. The structure of the levels tends to encourage finding a spot to kneel down, unmoving, and shooting things for a while until the enem

There will even be skating marks on the ice that will disappear a few seconds after you'll have passed by. You can slip, fall on the cold floor, collect injuries and create some of the most brutal fouls around. The fights look the same way they did in the previous NHL titles and since we've come to that, we might as well say that NHL 07 is the 2006 title from a graphical point of view. EA Sports have kept most of the visual aspects unchanged and that can be a good thing for the older fans or a bad thing for those that want more out of a new game. Enlarge picture At first glance, Jericho is an average FPS, borrowing elements from the Gears of War hit title and Doom 3 in order to deliver a good scare to the Xbox 360 fans. The idea of switching team members is not new, but it's a breath of fresh air, allowing you to approach different combat situations in more ways. Also, team work will allow you to get past some areas that you couldn't have cleared by yourself. In order to keep your team mates alive, you should always provide covering fire for them and go back in case a squad member is in trouble. Don't worry though, as any sergeant, captain or lieutenant can be revived and healed as long as you're close enough. Battling your way through sewers and catacombs sure brings an Alien feeling back, as demons and undead warriors can attack you at any time, from above, beneath or behind. I didn't quite like the game's targeting system, an automatic one that selects the closest enemy, changing target when you move Zack around. Similar to most action games, you'll be able to parry attacks by pressing the triangle button or roll to dodge the enemy's deadly blows. Move your character around with the directional pad or the analog button and enter houses, buildings or the famous Shinra HQ. Since this is a Final Fantasy title, the enormous quantity of dialogs present in the game shouldn't stall you in any way, as it delivers the plot's details. Some gamers won't put up with the frequent cutscenes and they'll quit playing Crisis Core after a couple of hours, because all they want is pure action. I, for one, want to be impressed by the characters, the storyline and I'd also like to be challenged by the AI every once in a while. The AI cars are pretty average in the story mode, but you'll feel some real pain when fighting the boss vehicles that are pretty large and pack some serious firepower. After an AI car becomes a pile of scrap metal, the player will have the chance to collect upgrades from it. Those will usually be jump, turbo or energy upgrades, granting you more powerful attacks or higher jumps, not to mention crazy speed bursts. Scert Ap Textbooks out the status upgrades from the menu, there is a specific option with that name. The standard firing is done with the R button and involves the use of the machine guns that each car has by default. Once you'll have collected pickups, the story changes and you can select the desired weapon by pressing the triangle button. Pick your rocket and fire it by pressing the L button and get ready to see some beautiful fireworks. You'll have the option to throw parties when you feel like it or rather when you have enough cash to do it. The mansion will be filled with basketball players, journalists, singers, playmates, ambassadors and other celebrities. If you talk to them, some meters will appear on the right side of the screen, showing your popularity and trust. There's even a "love" meter that is useful when you want to make a certain bunny-girl fall in love with you. There's even a task called "find yourself a girlfriend" and it's one of the easiest tasks in the game. Forget about any AI, as there are predefined actions that will never change no matter what unusual action takes place. For example, if you have a girlfriend and make out with another girl in front of her, she'll only love you less and there will be no dramatic breakup, slaps or car scratching. While the Academy is quite an annoying and difficult task to complete, the minigames can be fun. They're divided into Favorites, those that you select by pressing the Select button, mind games, quizzes of all sorts, tech games, body games and special games. The producers wanted to give gamers, especially kids a good laugh and all they managed to do is creating a pretty frustrating game with poor controls. There is no pre-definite set of controls as the button functions change from one level to the other, or even during one challenge. References are made to famous games and movies through level names like "Enter the Monkey", "Bombermonkey", "Karate Chimpster" or "Mon Quixote". There are also serious challenges, that really don't fit in with the game's profile and one of them is a general knowledge quiz with pretty difficult questions. When a game series reaches its seventh title you start asking yourself "What more can they do?". Hasn't Lara explored the entire planet already? Hasn't she found tons of relics? What did she miss? The answer comes with Tomb Raider: